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Frequently Asked Questions by our patients:

SinuSalt® is indicated to all the people who suffer any kind of sinusitis or rinitis, including the infectious and allergic causes that provoke excess of mucus and/or nasal obstruction.

When intranasal drugs are administered. It is advisable to wash the nostrils before the application of any drug to avoid diluting with the mucus and thus achieve a greater efficiency.

After endonasal surgery. Nasal washing is important to remove clots and scabs, and thus avoid adhesions.

In highly polluted environments, pollution causes inflammation of the nasal mucosa and disturbs the nasal washing system (mucociliary clearance). Nasal irrigation is recommended in these situations to wash the nose of the impurities deposited on the mucosa and to facilitate its removal. Numerous studies support the sinosnasal irrigation properties being it recommended as first-line treatment in several types of chronic sinusitis by the European Society of ENT guidelines.

SinuSalt® is recommended when the nasal symptoms provoked by allergy appear. Nasal irrigation helps to improve the classic symptoms of allergy, such as rhinitis, drug-free and produces a feeling of immediate decongestion. More even,  its use in pollen season facilitates the elimination of the pollens from the nose and helps to reduce the inflammation of an allergic background.

SinuSalt® is not a drug so using SinuSalt® with SinuSalt® sachets can be repeated indefinitely.

During the pollen allergies season, you should use SinuSalt® in the morning, afternoon, evening and prior to the use of drugs administered through the nose to facilitate the absorption of its active principle.

During the processes of nasal congestion by colds, etc… it is recommended to use SinuSalt® 2 or 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and evening) to remove the excess of accumulated mucus.

In the event of suffering chronic conditions such as sinusitis, it is recommended to use SinuSalt® once a day (morning or evening).

In case you use SinuSalt® as an hygienic habit, it is recommended to use it once a day, once you wake up or before going to sleep. Because it is not a drug, it can be used indefinitely.

No you cannot, you should not do nasal washes with water only. Nasal mucosa, unlike the oral mucosa, is extremely sensitive to salt concentration. Nasal irrigation with just water is painful and causes damages to the nasal mucosa, affecting the function of the nasal cilia and therefore its self-washing capability (mucociliary clearance).

It is not recommended to use common salt (table/cooking salt). It contains anticaking agents (ferrocyanide, silica, etc.) and many other additives (iodine, fluorine) that are irritating for the sensitive nasal mucosa. Unlike SinuSalt®, common salt does not produce a tamponated irrigation liquid to neutralize the excess of chlorine. It also does not contain the ions (Ca2+, K+) at the concentrations present in the mucosa, and which are necessary so the irrigation does not dilute them. These ions are critical for the proper function of the nasal cilia. Furthermore, the xylitol contained in SinuSalt® is extremely hygroscopic and has a moisturizing effect on the mucosa, making the irrigation more pleasant and preventing it from drying.

Press the bottle softly so the height of the outlet liquid is less than 5 cm. High pressures can be harmful. Always press with the thumb on the back circle of the bottle.

While changing from one nostril to another blowthrough the nose to expel the mucus. Do not force the expulsion blocking one of the  nostril with your fingers.

After the irrigation process some fluid may be retained in the sinuses that will be expelled during the next few minutes as a little runny. The expulsion of this liquid is favored by moving the head back, forward and sideways.

First irrigations may cause a front oppression sensation.

If in the event you have difficulties using the SinuSalt® system ask us for more information (INMUNOTEK, +34 91 651 00 10) 

Do not force the irrigation if the nose is completely blocked.

Ear infection may be a contraindication. Ask your doctor.

It is necessary to make a fresh saline based solution with SinuSalt® for each wash, as it does not contain preservatives.

It is essential to adjust the water temperature in order to have a comfortable irrigation.

If you have a low quality tap water (notdrinkable water, excess of chlorine, sediment, etc…) use for the irrigation distilled water (available at pharmacies) or bottled drink water. The use of sterile or boiled water may be advisable in certain pathologies (e.g., fibrosis) or after endonasal surgery.

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