SinuSalt® Device

The SinuSalt® Device performs nasal irrigation in a quick and easy manner for both adults and children. It features a 250ml flexible bottle that allows you to prepare a saline based solution, and then to propel the liquid out into the nostril by squeezing the bottle. The pressure is easily controlled by hand. The conical shape of the nasal adapter is specially designed to adapt to any nostril and seal it externally, allowing the SinuSalt® saline solution to go into the nose.

With the SinuSalt® Device the nasal irrigation is performed easily, allowing the liquid to penetrate into the nasal passages and sinuses, carrying secretions and excess mucus toward the outside, and exit through the opposite nostril.

SinuSalt® Device includes:

  • 1 Bottle with 26 Sachets (Salts plus Xylitol)

  • Instruction Leaflet.

SinuSalt® Sachets

SinuSalt® is a mixture of salts specially formulated for nasal irrigation and is suitable for both children and adults. Each SinuSalt® package contains 40 Sachets equivalent to 40 nasal washes. The contents of each sachet must be dissolved in the water to the amount that fits into a SinuSalt® bottle (250 ml). The water needs to be at body temperature (37°C).

This saline based solution has similar salt concentration to the nasal mucosa (isotonic) and will neutralise the pH changes that can appear in the water. There are no added preservatives in this solution that would affect sensitive nasal mucosa.


The SinuSalt® salt composition includes Xylitol which has a humectant effect and anti-adherent properties against bacteria and fungi. Its slightly alkaline pH allows the mucus to become fluidised and be easily expelled. Irrigation with SinuSalt® promotes the nasal cilia movement and improves mucociliary clearance, which is the cleaning system of the upper airway.